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Zeus Bolt Grinder


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The ZEUS Bolt is a medium size grinder. With a 5.5cm diameter and a 4.5cm height, the ZEUS Bolt is small enough to be carried around and large enough to rest at home, making it a perfect item for occasional vacation type Quests.

It is a four-piece grinder that also comes together via a solid magnetic lid, allowing the grinder to move freely and securely. The ZEUS Bolt is comprised of three chambers, each of which serves to filter and separate your grind. The center chamber connects to the bottom chamber via an ultra-fine stainless steel mesh screen that catches botanical dust for future use, preventing waste and ensuring maximum efficiency. The robust threaded connection ensures each chamber securely screws together to seal your botanical within.

The Bolt is the most versatile grinder in the ZEUS Grinder Line, as it is an ideal choice for short or long and large or small vaporizing sessions and is thus an ideal companion for both portable and stationary vaporizers.

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